Fume hoods are devices may or may not be connected to a chimney and they safely vent off hazardous gasses that result from laboratory operations. Novagent, as an agent in Turkey of Kötterman Gmbh, which is number one laboratory equipment manufacturer worldwide, provides users with versatile fume hoods for general use that comply with the norms of EN 14175 standard.

These products feature a “Made in Germany” label, which is inarguably number one worldwide, and with the peace of mind that comes with EN 14175, with 30% more economical operation, with accurate and efficient technology, help you have a functional and sustainable laboratory experience.

The fact that fume hoods that Novagent supplies to our users have the lowest air suction in their class has been certified by independent institutions (250 m3/h per 1 mt). This is a proof that our fume hoods, being faithful to German BG RCI limits, have a new world record. Fume hoods that come with new EXPLORIS EcoPlus® technology as standard provide high power consumption thanks to their low air emission, protect the environment and provides fume hood operation cost savings up to €1,000 by reducing the purchasing costs of an exhaust system. All these superior features ensure that the cost of Kötterman fume hoods, offered by Novagent, is 30% less than their competitors. This superior technology used in ventilation systems may provide a 20% savings from investment costs with narrower ducts and less number of fans.


Fume hoods we offer come in various types such as Standard, Distillation, Walk-in, Counter Top, PP and Chimneyless, and can be customized without limitations. Offering unlimited accessory options with widths ranging between 120-210 cm and heights ranging between 230-270 cm, fume hoods may have ceramic, EBC or Epoxy counters and various closet types including acid-base FWF-90, chemical closet or standard closet. You can custom tailor your fume hood with various gas faucets, electric sockets and various glass options.

With a display where you can follow up every phase of the process, with clean air supplied in sensitive areas that are pressure-controlled or don’t have ventilation facility, with many other additional features such as integrated socket timer and automated glass, Kötterman fume hoods complete perfection in their details.

Our fume hoods, complementing their technology with superior material, also appeal to eye with their durable steel construction and waste collection system. Following a long day enriched with new inventions and analysis, Kötterman products that you purchased via Novagent will give you the power you need to begin more profitable, more productive and reliable future.