Materials of all ventilation devices must be resistant against the chemical attacks caused by contaminants in the air. Polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylchloride (PVC) fans, which are resistant to corrosion and chemicals, are widely used for laboratory ventilation purposes. This way, PP and PVC based ventilation fans are highly resistant against chemical characteristics of carried air.

High Quality PP and PVC Fans

Polymeric structures that are made of a long and chain-like composition consisting of monomer groups are noteworthy with their superior characteristics. Polypropylene that contains C and H and PVC that has Cl as an ingredient are materials that are highly resistant against many laboratory products, strong acids, caustic and ammonia solutions, inorganic salt solutions, organics and detergent products. They are therefore more widely preferred in manufacturing of fan bodies in comparison to metals. Fans manufactured using either of these two polymers are highly resistant to heat and thus, have various areas of use. Moreover, all models comply with provisions of ATEX directive, which aims to protect persons working in high explosion risk industries, and all norms and standards, which makes using these fams in potentially explosive environments possible. All products are empirically tested. PP and PVC, used in manufacturing of fans are essential material for toxic and corrosive environments and they reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, these materials offer ease of transportation and storage and can be recycled.

Ease of Production and Low Power Consumption

Another advantage they have is high quality injection and expansion they offer. This way, these materials provide high quality by allowing adjustment of special design materials to desired thickness, lending themselves for aesthetic designs and offering a better follow up. Various fan configurations can be created with maximum installation flexibility.

Power consumption is one of the most important criteria in selection of fans. Having low power consumption, PP and PVC fans are sensitive against flow rate and pressure drops, offering flow controlling.

These superior PP and PVC fans are perfectly compatible with many application areas including but not limited to laboratories, chemicals industry and water purification. With individual manufacturing, you can have the best fan design for your ventilation system by examining various product models and dimensions we offer.