Novagent Laboratory Systems

We see your laboratories as a critical component of your enterprise for deepening your enterprise’s specialty in its field by seizing the product and quality advantages and for increasing its reputation in today’s harshly competitive business environment.

We want to help you move towards the success you deserve in the future with laboratory that notes your enterprise’s special needs, prioritizes the safety of your employees, with laboratory benches laid out according to the scope of your work and with a flawless technical infrastructure.

Who are we? What are we doing?

We manage consultancy, design, production and assembly processes in laboratory setup. Since 2006, we have completed a wide variety of laboratory projects with many institutions. With our experienced technical staff, we establish a laboratory from scratch, including laboratory layout, mechanical, electrical and architectural planning.

Our services:

  • Laboratory setup consultancy,
  • Laboratory bench, mechanical and electrical projecting,
  • Technical service after installation,


Foundation Year


Completed Projects